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14th June 2023
Riviera-PRO supports system simulation of AMD Versal ACAP designs

Aldec, Inc. has unveiled the latest release of Riviera-PRO, providing support for system simulation of Versal Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) designs.

3rd June 2022
OpenCPI for heterogeneous embedded computing of mission-critical applications

Aldec, Inc., specialists in mixed HDL language simulation and hardware-assisted verification for FPGA and SoC designs, is supporting Open Component Portability Infrastructure (OpenCPI) with the latest release of Riviera-PRO (release version 2022.04).

3rd June 2021
HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition gives engineers easy access

Aldec has launched HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition (CE). Available through Amazon Web Service (AWS), HES-DVM Proto CE can be used for FPGA-based prototyping of SoC / ASIC designs and has a focus on automated design partitioning to greatly reduce bring-up time when up to four FPGAs are needed to accommodate a design.

25th January 2021
FPGA simulation IDE adds VHDL-2019 support

Aldec has enhanced Active-HDL to support new features within VHDL-2019 (IEEE 1076-2019). These features simplify the language, lift certain restrictions that were present in earlier versions and introduce new application programming interfaces (APIs).

8th December 2020
Aldec’s TySOM family of supports Xilinx PYNQ

Aldec has added PYNQ Python Productivity for Zynq from Xilinx to its TySOM family of Xilinx Zynq SoC based boards and its TySOM Embedded Development Kit. The Xilinx PYNQ framework (pronounced ‘pink’) is the popular open source platform that is enabling software engineers to develop applications for Xilinx SoC and MPSoC devices with reduced reliance on support from hardware engineers.

9th April 2020
Complete traceability between system and hardware data

Aldec has enhanced its unified requirements lifecycle management EDA tool, Spec-TRACER, to support the exchange of system and hardware data with IBM Requirements Engineering DOORS Next product, commonly used by system engineers.

12th February 2020
Enhancing Riviera-PRO’s VHDL and UVVM support

Aldec has added features to its Riviera-PRO functional verification platform that provide further support when working with the latest version of VHDL (2018) as well as the 2019.09.02 release of the Universal VHDL Verification Methodology (UVVM).

16th December 2019
NVMe data storage solution targets high performance computing

Aldec has launched a powerful, versatile and time-saving FPGA-based NVMe Data Storage solution to aid in the development of High Performance Computing (HPC) applications such as High Frequency Trading and Machine Learning.

20th November 2019
ASIC design prototype time cut with automatic partitioning tool

Aldec has introduced automatic FPGA partitioning to its popular HES-DVM; the company’s fully automated and scalable hybrid verification environment for SoC and ASIC designs. Traditionally, the manual partitioning of multiple FPGAs used for prototyping can take days, or even weeks, whereas the automation in HES-DVM can perform the task in minutes; ideal for exploratory, What-If scenarios.

18th March 2019
Embedded system board accelerates development of AI

  Aldec has launched the TySOM-3A-ZU19EG, to assist in the development of AI, Deep-learning Neural Network (DNN) and other applications dependent on complex algorithm acceleration in firmware.

22nd October 2018
A View from Above

Aldec is making available yet more support for automotive design engineers with the addition of an Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) ‘Bird’s Eye View’ reference design for its TySOM-3-ZU7EV embedded development kit.

19th January 2018
Design rule checking solution offers expanded capabilities

  Electronic design verification company, Aldec, has expanded the rule-checking capabilities of its ALINT-PRO tool in response to growing complexity of large-scale modern FPGA and ASIC designs. Rules new to the 2017.12 release of ALINT-PRO assure the integrity of a design’s Finite State Machines (FSMs) and help identify possible Reset Domain Crossing (RDC) issues.

12th March 2013
Aldec Releases Plot Window to Increase Productivity of Traditional Waveform-Based HDL Debugging

Aldec announces the latest release of its mixed-language advanced verification platform, Riviera-PRO 2013.02. This release includes numerous enhancements, including visual debugging tools that improve the presentation of simulation results for increased overall verification efficiency.

5th February 2013
Aldec Launches Free Online UVM Training

Aldec today unveiled Fast Track ONLINE, a convenient, online training portal that is available at no cost to the design verification community. In today’s competitive atmosphere, the ability to adopt new technology quickly and reduce design time cycles is critical.

10th January 2012
Aldec and SynthWorks deliver Randomization and Functional Coverage Capabilities to VHDL Designers with OS-VVM

Aldec, Inc., in collaboration with SynthWorks Design Inc., today announces the availability of Open Source - VHDL Verification Methodology (OS-VVM™), underscoring the partnership’s commitment to provide continued support to the VHDL design community.

14th May 2007
Aldec Delivers Prototyping Solution for Actel RTAX-S Space FPGA Designs

Aldec, Inc. has announced the availability of the RTAX-S Prototyping Board for radiation-tolerant RTAX-S FPGAs from Actel Corporation (NASDAQ:ACTL). Easing the prototyping process of space-flight systems, the new RTAX-S Prototyping Board provides the flexibility Actel's flash-based ProASIC3 FPGAs offer, allowing designers to utilize a design across multiple aerospace projects, shorten design cycles and lower project costs. Together with automati...

10th April 2007
Aldec supports The MathWorks Simulink Fixed Point

Aldec has announced the release of co-simulation support for fixed-point in Simulink. Active-HDL coupled with The MathWorks Simulink provides support for fixed-point types and HDL co-simulation of black-boxes, which allows seamless integration with Simulink-based DSP tools.

8th November 2006
Aldec Supports Altera's Stratix III Devices

Aldec, Inc has announced System Verification Environment (SVE) support for Altera Corporation's new high-end Stratix III FPGA device family. SVE supports all aspects of system-level design development and verification. It includes an industry-leading common kernel HDL simulator, a set of on-line debuggers, code coverage, cross-probing tools and an industry-first integrated simulator server farm manager (SFM) for automatic verification of ultra-...

19th July 2006
Aldec Extends Code Coverage Analysis Offering

Aldec, Inc. has announced the addition of Expression Coverage for Verilog in the release of Riviera 2006.06. This addition significantly improves efficiency of the verification process and enables delivery of higher quality, more reliable designs.

10th May 2006
Altera's Quartus II 6.0 offers integrated HDL support for Aldec's Simulator

Aldec has announced that its simulator now has integrated HDL support from Altera's Quartus II version 6.0 development software environment. Mutual customers can now select Aldec's HDL Simulator, Active-HDLT, directly from Altera's Quartus II software version 6.0.

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