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Drive a Car with an iPhone Test Station

Waterloo labs brought their portable version of their iPhone-controlled car to NIWeek this year. Why not the bring the car itself you ask, it turns out its the car in its current form isn't street legal.

Mobile Phone UI concept by ARM Graphics Demo Team

An easily expandable, modular user interface application that uses the Mali Demo Engine to maximise graphics performance on the Mali-200 GPU. This application supports touch screen input as well as pointing devices such as mice. A native WVGA resolution, it will lend itself well to mobile phone form factors as well as bigger screens. It can also have different skins. The one shown is commonly known as the Robotic Arm theme, but a Blue coverflow like theme also exists for it and more can be expanded into this application.
1st September 2010

iCMOS™ Switches and Multiplexers

Analog Devices' proprietary iCMOS manufacturing process combines high voltage silicon with submicron CMOS and complementary bipolar technologies.
30th August 2010

Indoor Lightning Storm with Tesla Coils and Optical Sensing Technology from National Instruments

Check out this singing lightning storm, brought to the stage with tesla coils provided by ArcAttack and optical sensing technology from National Instruments.
25th August 2010

Accelerometer measures RC car crash drop from 45ft. - Another Geek Moment

Jamie Pederson demonstrates how an accelerometer mounted on a PCB strapped to a remote control car can detect freefall as it falls off the Digi-Key building roof. He also shows how one can find the correct sensor on the new Sensor Tech zone on the Digi-Key website.
17th August 2010

FAST for Android, Version 1.2

A brief video demonstrating version 1.2 of Framework for Automated Software Testing for Android, including test run setup, execution, results collection, and reporting.
4th August 2010

Microchip Microstick Overview

Microchip Product Marketing Manager Dave Richkas provides and overview of the Microchip Microstick for dsPIC33F and PIC24H development board, a low cost development platform for 16-bit Microcontrollers and Digital Signal Controllers.
4th August 2010

ADT7320 and ADT7420: High Accuracy Digital Temp Sensors

The ADT7320 (SPI I/F) and the ADT7420 (I2C I/F) are high accuracy digital temperature sensors that offer 0.25C accuracy from -20C to 105C. No calibration is required for these 16 bit resolution temperature sensors Distributed by Tubemogul.
4th August 2010

Super 12 Technology Minute - Non-Magnetic MLCCs

A one-minute overview covering key features and applications for the Vishay Non-Magnetic Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Series. These devices are manufactured with non-magnetic materials in both terminations and electrodes and are ideal for use in MRIs and other medical end products.
4th August 2010

Freescale AN4153 TFT LCD driver

Learn more about the app note AN4153 -- this video shows how the application note software works.
4th August 2010

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