Nature Treks VR supports foot motion controller

28th July 2017
Alice Matthews


Nature Treks VR now supports natively the 3dRudder foot motion controller. The user doesn't need to configure anything on the 3dRudder dashboard. All the settings are handled directly within this unique and amazing VR experience. Nature Treks is not a game in the traditional sense, it is a non competitive experience aimed as an aid for relaxation through the use of audio and visuals.

Today's modern urban lifestyles can be busy and stressful. Leisure time is difficult to obtain and getting out to nature using congested transport links can be both an expensive and stressful experience. This means a high percentage of people miss out on the sounds, shapes and colours of our natural environment. Nature Treks uses technology as an aid to bring some of the healing properties of these into peoples homes in a convenient and stress free environment.

Moving with the feet facilitates the relaxation process as the user does something natural to him. The 3dRudder and its progressive 4-axes let the user immerse himself even more: He walks or runs alongside wild animals, he explores desert beaches... and the other relaxing sceneries offered in Nature Treks VR.

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