How VR is changing the art experience

14th June 2019
Lanna Cooper


Though virtual reality made its debut within the gaming sector, advances in artificial intelligence have propelled this immersive technology into a variety of other fields as well.

For example, companies are using VR to aid with work collaboration, as personnel are able to collaborate on assignments without relocating to one physical location. Another new application is within the medical field. VR is being used in pain management for patients undergoing treatments that inflict insurmountable pain such as cancer.

One less discovered, yet undoubtedly interesting place in which virtual and augmented reality are taking over is that of the arts. Museums in particular are using these technologies in innovative ways to create exhibitions that alter the way in which we’re used to experiencing art. For example, the Musée de l’Orangerie offered a digital journey through Claude Monet’s studio and a look at his paintings by way of virtual reality.

Invaluable created a visual that outlines more of these exhibitions, and the way in which virtual and augmented reality are changing the art industry. Check them out below!

virtual reality in the arts

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