DEVAR launches first neural network for AR

28th March 2023
Sheryl Miles

Technology company DEVAR is getting ready to launch the world's first neural network for AR that allows to create 3D objects and others AR assets.

The company launches Generative AR Platform, a service that will bring together neural networks and cloud solutions for the creation of AR content. The platform also includes MyWebAR by DEVAR, a service launched in 2021, designed to create AR content on the web (webAR).

The first release of the platform will be a neural network for generating 3D objects and images ready for use in augmented reality.

What makes it different from other neural networks?

  • Generated 3D models are optimised for performance, in order to make projects in AR work even on the low-end and budget smartphones.
  • The quality requirements for webAR objects include the recommended number of polygons, correct topology, and the presence of textures. Usually, it takes 3D specialists several hours or even days to create such assets.
  • Images generated by the neural network can be used in augmented reality projects both as AR content and as a marker. The neural network instantly generates an image designed for optimal tracking performance with the image recognition engine.

DEVAR's own 3D content datasets were used, as well as the feedback and queries from the users of the MyWebAR AR content creation platform.

"Professional studios usually have no problem with creating new characters for AR. They have 3D artists, designers and animators on staff to do this. But according to the data of our no code platform MyWebAR, 60% of users have no experience creating AR. One of the main issues that becomes a barrier to their entry into the industry is the creation of 3D assets. You need a lot of content, a lot of original requests. So, we combined our data, our own library with thousands of objects, that we formed during 8 years of work in augmented reality. We took into account user requests and developed our own neural network that allows users to create 3D and 2D objects for webAR projects. Generate content non-stop – until you get the best result for you and your AR users," comments Andrei Komissarov, DEVAR's founder and CTO.

To work with the neural network you need to register on the MyWebAR platform.

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