Consumers overwhelmingly vote in favour of in-store AR

27th July 2017
Alice Matthews

A survey by Vista Retail Support has found that 96% of consumers who have experienced Augmented Reality (AR) in a retail store say they found it helpful and report that it has improved their shopping experience. Of the respondents who have experienced AR in a store, 96% say they have used an AR headset that allows users to view 3D computer-generated images of products as if they are in front of them. Ninety-two percent of those respondents say they found the headset experience helpful.

“New technologies that increase convenience are beginning to emerge in the retail space,” said James Pepper, Technical Services Director, Vista Retail Support. “AR brings the additional wow-factor for shoppers who are growing increasingly tired of stale shopping environments in the age of one-click ordering and next-day delivery. Cleary in the cases where it’s been applied, AR has had a significant impact and there are huge opportunities for retailers seeking creative new ways to attract and retain shoppers.”

While those who have experienced AR responded positively to its impact on their experiences, more than half (56%) of those who have not experienced AR in store believe it should be a priority for retailers to implement it. What’s more, 75% of respondents say that they see the value in these AR applications in the retail space and would feel encouraged to make use of them.

“This highlights an appreciation for the technology among those who have experienced it as well as an appetite for the technology from those who have not and could signify that the technology will become more widely adopted by retailers exploring consumer expectations,” said Pepper.

There are wider uses for AR in retail stores such as in smart mirrors with screens that recommend clothing styles, colours and sizes, AR apps that enable them to try on make-up or other cosmetics and AR-based virtual assistants.

The poll explored consumer attitudes towards futuristic technologies in the retail space and questioned whether consumers had experienced the likes of AR or Artificial Intelligence (AI) during a shopping trip.

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