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Viscom Semi-Automatic X-ray Inspection Now Offers High Performance Verification Linkage

21st September 2012
ES Admin
Viscom today announced plans to launch the X8011 PCB with HARAN – a brand new linkage to the verification station for X8011 PCB X-ray inspection systems. Now, analysis results can be verified with ease and unspecified defects can be automatically pinpointed and re-examined in detail.
Viscom’s comprehensive line of optical and X-ray inspection solutions covers all examination needs in the SMD production sector. The company's portfolio encompasses highly efficient AOI systems as well as high-resolution systems for X-ray inspection – from fully automatic in-line solutions (AXI X7056) to manual and semi-automatic X-ray inspection with the X8000-series systems.

The X8011 PCB X-ray inspection system was specifically developed for assembly inspection, providing maximum granularity and highest image quality. The XMC analysis software allows for convenient operation, containing several automatic analyses such as BGA, QFN and inspection, as well as void calculation.

Viscom now offers a powerful verification terminal link with XMC that is identical to the in-line system’s standard issue. Hereby, detected defects are vividly represented and the operator can verify them precisely assisted by diverse high-resolution views. All data and images of the type of defect can be stored and, when needed, called up over the traceability system. This ensures even higher process security and alleviates inspection verification, i.e. by audits.

An extraordinary feature of the system is that defects that evade conclusive identification can be directly and automatically pinpointed for detailed examination, i.e. with an inclined view or zoom enlargements.

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