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VNA simplifies accurate S-parameter measurements

20th July 2017
Mick Elliott

The R&S ZNLE vector network analyser has been launched by Rohde & Schwarz to address the requirements of customers looking to perform RF measurements to characterise components such as antennas, attenuators, filters and PCBs. The new standalone instrument weighs only 6kg and has a footprint of just 408mm x 235mm, saving up to two thirds of space on the workbench compared with competitive VNAs.

The two-port vector network analyser saves space and provides quick and accurate measurements, due to its easy-to-use S-parameter wizard. The analyser performs bidirectional measurements of the S11, S21, S12 and S22 S parameters.

An optional GPIB interface is available for remote control of the analyzer. The instrument comes in two models with frequency ranges from 1MHz to 3 Hz (R&S ZNLE3) and to 6GHz (R&S ZNLE6).

It offers outstanding RF performance with a wide dynamic range of typically 120dB and measurement bandwidths from 1Hz to 500kHz.

Measurement time is just 9.6ms for 201 points at 100kHz measurement bandwidth, for a 200MHz span, with two-port TOSM/SOLT calibration. For stable, repeatable measurements, the R&S ZNLE produces low trace noise of typically 0.001dB.

The R&S ZNLE features a large 10.1in. WXGA touchscreen, providing good visibility of all traces. The touchscreen supports zooming in and out of traces using multitouch gestures.

The well-structured user interface makes it possible to access every function with a minimum number of steps.

Undo/Redo softkeys are available to cancel and restore user entries. Context-sensitive help menus for the diverse functions and parameters facilitate interactive operation.

Calibration of the instrument is just as straightforward. The R&S ZNLE incorporates the well-known calibration wizard used in other Rohde & Schwarz R&S ZNx analysers.

Calibration units are also supported. To make life even easier, the "Start Auto Cal" function delivers automatic calibration at the touch of a button.

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