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Two new high-voltage Insulation Resistance Testers from Fluke

5th March 2024
Paige West

Fluke has unveiled two new Insulation Resistance Testers, the 1535 and 1537, offering portability and lightweight convenience at 1.3kg.

Designed for quick, accurate, and dependable insulation testing up to 2500V (DC), these high-voltage tools are tailored for industrial electricians, maintenance technicians, electrical engineers, and field service engineers. They provide a straightforward approach to diagnosing problems and enhancing productivity, whether on the manufacturing floor or in outdoor settings like solar PV installations. The devices are adept at conducting maintenance on motors, transformers, or power cabinets, delivering fast and stable resistance measurements, and allowing for a broader scope of work with a single instrument.

The 1535 and 1537 models round out Fluke's offerings in this category, with the capacity for up to 6500 measurements at 250V or 1300 measurements at 2500 V on a single battery charge, placing extensive testing capabilities in the hands of the user. These testers offer adjustable test voltages for added versatility, with a ramp function that proves beneficial in industrial or solar PV contexts. Resistance can be measured up to 500GΩ, making these tools suitable for both low and high-voltage systems. Additionally, the 1537 model features data storage for subsequent analysis or PC transfer via Fluke's software.

User-friendly by design, both testers come with straightforward interfaces. The Fluke 1537 boasts a high short circuit current of up to 5mA, and each unit is enhanced with a CAT IV 600V safety rating and an integrated voltage alarm for added protection. They conform to IEC 61557 and IEC 61010 safety standards, as well as IEC 61326-1 for electromagnetic compatibility. Moreover, the built-in Automatic Polarisation Index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) calculations reduce the impact of environmental conditions on insulation performance, simplifying the process without additional setup requirements.

Says Hans-Dieter Schuessele, Application & Technology Expert and Standardisation Manager EMEA, Fluke: “With these high-voltage 1535 and 1537 Insulation Resistance Testers, operators now only need to use a single device to test a wider range of applications than before in the knowledge that they will always get rapid, stable, and reliable results. The new testers put the user in control when carrying out vital maintenance work, whether in industrial and solar PV applications, and help to improve the productivity of electricians and contractors through a range of valuable features.”

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