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13th September 2011
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A benchtop tunable filter has just been launched in the UK, aimed specifically at design, development and production test environments for RF and microwave equipment. Manufactured in the US by world-class microwave specialist, Micro Lambda Wireless, the MLBF-Series bench top filter is easy to use, efficient and effective in a variety of applications.
Available in the UK from specialist distributor, Admiral Microwaves, this compact unit provides engineers in design labs and test environments with a versatile wideband filtering capability, ideal where filtering of microwave signals is essential. Either Bandpass or Bandreject (notch) filter types can be provided, depending on application. Frequency coverage is dependent on which production filter type is chosen.

There are 36 Bandpass models with frequency coverage ranging from 500MHz to 50GHz. Typical examples include the MLBFP-42026, a 4 stage unit with a 2 to 26.5GHz bandwidth and insertion loss of 7.2dBm. Near the top of the range is the MLBFP-66018, a 6 stage unit with frequency range from 6 to 18GHz featuring insertion loss of 7.2dBm.

In addition, there are 13 Bandreject models covering the 500MHz to 20GHz range. Typical examples include the MLBFR-0204, 10 stage filter with a 2 to 4GHz bandwidth and 2.7dBm insertion loss. Meanwhile, the MLBFR-160818, 16 stage unit offers a frequency range of 8 to 18GHz and insertion loss figure of 2.95dBm.

Each bench top filter assembly consists of a user-selectable YIG-Tuned filter, heat sink, compensated driver, power supply, keyboard, display and cooling fans. Tuning is accomplished via the manual rotary tuning knob, keyboard input, or through the USB or Ethernet interfaces.

In operation, the 2 line x 16 digit display shows the current centre frequency setting on the top display line. Entering a new frequency via the keypad will display on the second line. The new frequency is selected by pressing the MHz key on the keypad.
The instrument can be connected to, and controlled through, a standard PC. Operating systems supported include Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The tunable filter is housed in a compact unit measuring just 25.4 x 10 x 33cm and weighs just 4kg. It is supplied with mounting feet for stable operation and a carry handle for easy portability.

Micro Lambda Wireless offers an extensive range of YIG-tuned filters for use with the MLBF Series. Both Admiral Microwaves and sister company, Aspen Electronics, have specialists on hand to advise customers on selecting accessories, or indeed, specifying equipment for all their RF and Microwave systems and component test and verification needs.

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