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SysNucleus releases new version of USBTrace with USB Audio class support

11th November 2008
ES Admin
SysNucleus has released a new version of USBTrace, the software based USB protocol analyzer. The latest version of USBTrace supports device class decoding for USB devices which belong to the Audio device class.
USBTrace is a software-based USB protocol analyzer developed by SysNucleus. The tool helps USB hardware, firmware and device driver engineers to debug and analyze USB implementations with ease. USBTrace provides a cost effective method for analyzing and monitoring USB devices instead of using more expensive hardware based protocol analyzers.

The latest version of USBTrace has support for analyzing USB devices which belong to the Audio device class.This applies to all devices or functions embedded in composite devices that are used to manipulate audio, voice, and sound-related functionality. The audio class decoder will capture, decode and display USB Audio class specific requests and data. Both Audio Control (AC) and Audio Streaming (AS) requests are captured. The decoder supports version 1.0 of the USB Audio class specification.

In addition to the audio class decoder, this release has other improvements like an enhanced filter feature and improvements in user interface.

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