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Personal monitor enhanced with 60GHz frequency range

18th June 2020
Mick Elliott

Narda STS has upgraded its RadMan 2 personal monitor with new, intelligent features including a frequency range up to 60 GHz, and it is less expensive to buy.

The company says that well-known cellphone network providers have equipped large numbers of their workforce with the RadMan 2.

Employees in telecommunications and broadcasting, industry, air traffic control, the military can be is exposed to high intensity electromagnetic fields on a daily basis as the 5G rollout proceeds apace.

Particularly in unknown electromagnetic field situations where there is no certain knowledge of the actual EMF conditions, RadMan 2 takes the initiative in such complex monitoring tasks. Immediately after it is switched on, it performs an automatic sensor test to ensure that it is working correctly, and at all times gives you reliable warning whenever the limit values are exceeded. The new test and warning device alarm signals are louder and brighter than before, and there is now even a vibrating alarm to ensure that users never miss any warning of a dangerous situation.

The XT version of the RadMan 2 for up to 60 GHz currently covers the widest frequency range on the market and thus gives the wearer reliable and sure warning even at radio and radar frequencies and also of 5G millimeter waves.

Narda also produces a second version, the LT, which covers frequencies up to 8 GHz and has a leaner set of features. This device makes premium safety attractive for people who only occasionally work in EMF, such as tradespeople.

The automatic sensor test makes it unnecessary to use an external test transmitter because it checks the correct function of its own sensors immediately after it is switched on. Without any further action, users can concentrate on their job, knowing that they are protected.

Even the battery charge status is monitored automatically, and a full charge will give an almost unbelievable operating time of 800 hours.

The RadMan 2 is equipped with E field (electric) as well as H field (magnetic) sensors for use in the near and far field of TV and radio antennas. The device will therefore automatically give the correct warning, regardless of the type of field or the distance from the source.

This means that the technician does not need to know anything about the field or have to make any settings on the device. Also, whenever the warning device sounds the alarm, it is always based on the correct standardised values, i.e. the actual exposure level as a percentage of the upper limit value of the applicable standard: ICNIRP, Directive 2013/35/EU, FCC, or Safety Code 6.

The patented “shaping with frequency response evaluation” feature automatically takes account of the fact that the permitted limit values specified in the standards are frequency dependent, so the alarm thresholds vary as a result.

The advantage to the user is that there is no need to set the active limit value on the device or to make tedious conversions of the displayed values.

The new Personal Monitor guarantees maximum safety when working in critical electromagnetic fields by systematically excluding sources of error, such as damage to the device or incorrect operation.

For example, there is a special RF absorber between the body and the sensor to ensure that the actual field strength is registered precisely and correctly. This is the only device of its type to in this way prevent the corruption of results caused by the effects of reflections from the wearer’s body.

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