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Optimised tests on test benches with new execution platform

11th June 2024
Paige West

Vector introduces the VN8917 real-time execution platform. This platform, comprising a high-performance base device and various interface plug-in modules, optimises tests with complex MATLAB simulations or CANoe configurations.

The VN8917 base unit, featuring an integrated 11th generation Intel XEON processor, is suitable for multi-channel configurations and extensive FlexRay and Ethernet simulations. Additionally, the network interface supports co-simulation applications and MATLAB simulations with high-performance requirements.

The VN8917 execution platform provides the necessary performance for high-demand CANoe configurations, particularly for applications requiring high data throughput and access to multiple bus channels and I/Os. The platform connects to a PC via Ethernet or USB 3.0, supporting Ethernet data rates of up to 2.5Gbit/s.

Moreover, the VN8917 execution platform enables standalone operation of CANoe simulations, allowing these simulations to run autonomously in a test bench environment without an operating PC.

The fast onboard memory is also suitable for logging bus events.

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