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NI Measurement Studio 2010 Introduces New Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

9th December 2010
ES Admin
National Instruments has announced Measurement Studio 2010 with new support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 .NET. The new version of the software fully integrates into Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005 and provides tools designed specifically for data acquisition, signal processing, analysis and visualisation. Microsoft Visual Studio developers using Measurement Studio 2010 can create Windows Forms and Web Forms applications in a shorter amount of time with increased productivity tools, such as code generation assistants and managed .NET APIs. Measurement Studio 2010 also provides support for test and measurement application development using Visual Basic .NET or Visual C#.
Measurement Studio 2010 includes a new Windows Forms .NET Intensity Graph which uses colour to display 3-D data on a 2-D plot area. With this control, user interface developers more easily can display pattern data, such as RF, power spectrum, weather or terrain patterns, and customise the appearance using colour mapping tools.

The new version of Measurement Studio delivers improved development productivity for user interface development with the introduction of integrated code snippets for user interface control classes. Developers using Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET can use supplied code snippets to speed development time and more easily customise Measurement Studio user interface controls.

Measurement Studio also continues to support the latest data acquisition and instrument control devices and technologies including the Ethernet-based NI CompactDAQ and X Series for USB, helping engineers shorten application development time with built-in hardware libraries and configuration assistants. Combined with Measurement Studio, NI data acquisition (DAQ) devices are designed for performance, offering advanced I/O capabilities, measurement accuracy and software flexibility on USB, PCI, PXI, Ethernet and wireless buses.

Readers can learn more about what is new in Measurement Studio 2010 by visiting www.ni.com/mstudio/whats_new.htm.

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