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Affordable Stereo Zoom Microscopes for Inspecting PCBs

17th February 2011
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Vision Engineering announced they have extended their affordable SX stereo zoom microscope range, ideal for inspecting PCBs. Vision Engineering is a world leader in optical solutions for inspection and measurement with over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience.
/> The SX range of stereo zoom microscopes provides a choice of specification for engineers inspecting PCBs, from the SX25 which is a low cost option but with outstanding optics providing up to x180 magnification, to the SX100 which offers up to x320 magnification and a wide range of accessory options.

The SX25 has been designed to incorporate high quality optics without all of the unnecessary optional extras, keeping the cost down, making the SX25 microscope an affordable option. Providing up to x180 magnification with 4.5:1 zoom ratio the SX25 is ideal for inspecting and reworking PCBs.

The SX range also includes the SX45 greenough microscope, with up to x200 magnification and accessory options such as digital image capture, and a floating stage for more intricate tasks.

For more advanced options, the SX80 and SX100 CMO microscopes provide fine focus adjustment and double iris diaphragm, for greater depth of field for inspecting the pads and solder joints. Additional options such as digital image capture and magnification up to x320 allows for accurate inspection and cataloguing of components and boards.

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