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MSO adds processing power for faster analysis

5th December 2023
Mick Elliott

The 4 Series B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) from Tektronix is targeting embedded design, power conversion and multi-domain analysis.

Extending Tektronix’s reach into the mid-range oscilloscope market, it boasts a trance of new features including a more powerful computing platform that delivers a user interface that is twice as responsive, significantly faster measurement and serial decoding and 50% faster remote data transfer.

The 13.3 inch HD display uses optical bonding for enhanced contrast and a wider viewing angle.

Two USB 3 host ports deliver 10 times faster data transfer to USB media and new measurement annotations indicate reference levels and timings for measurements.

“The 4 Series B MSO was engineered to enable designers to analyze their systems faster to combat time-to-market pressure,” said Daryl Ellis, Tektronix Mainstream Portfolio General Manager. “The user interface, designed for touch, is intuitive, informative, and now more responsive. With the 4 Series B MSO, our customers will be able to tackle 99% of their mixed-signal design challenges and actually enjoy doing it.”

The new oscilloscope’s bandwidths cover 200 MHz to 1.5 GHz. It features real-time sampling at 6.25 GS/s and up to 16-bit vertical resolution.

The 4 Series B MSO is available with up to six input channels, making it well suited for three-phase power analysis, and exclusive Spectrum View provides multi-channel spectrum analysis in sync with time domain waveforms.

Along with accelerating front-panel operation, the upgraded processor system also speeds up remote operation. The 4 Series B MSO can be remotely accessed and controlled using a simple web browser, dedicated TekScope PC software, or custom program via a full programming interface. The 4 Series B greatly enhances time to answer on over 25 serial decode packages for inter-chip, automotive, power, aerospace buses, and more.

Additionally, it speeds up algorithms and plotting used in existing analysis packages for power supply measurements, motor drive analysis, and double pulse testing.

“This instrument provides accuracy and analysis capabilities that make it ideal for challenges faced every day by design engineers, such as signal chain debugging, power analysis, protocol analysis, and noise analysis—to name a few,” shared Jeffrey Miller, 4 Series Product Planner

With its 12-bit analogue-to-digital converters and high sampling rate, the 4 Series B shows in-depth signal detail.

The Tektronix 4 Series B MSO is now available globally.

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