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Module enhances CCI inspection range

30th September 2016
Mick Elliott

A HighDensity module is being offered by Viscom in addition to standard camera equipment for inspecting conformal coatings in electronics production. It can provide a better option, particularly where silicone or especially thin coatings need to be reliably inspected. The module will be on display at electronica in Munich (November 8-11).

There are two options for the orthogonal camera technology of the inspection system S3088 CCI from Viscom: While the integrated standard module has more than fulfilled most of the demands for a long time, the new HighDensity module is recommended when nano plasma coatings need inspection.

Also, it is ready to inspect the extremely temperature resistant silicone-based coatings that are used, for example, to make smartphones resistant to moisture.

Among its other features, the HighDensity module is distinguished by special high-power LEDs which are attached around the camera.

Their ultraviolet light (black light) with special wavelengths clearly extends the field of application of the S3088 CCI and provides optimum illumination even for weakly fluorescing coating types.

Peter Krippner, Vice President of Serial Products at Viscom AG, stated: "With this configuration of the S3088 CCI, the customer has absolute versatility. All current inspection tasks can be reliably accomplished."

As with the standard orthogonal sensor module, the HighDensity module can also be additionally equipped with four or eight angled cameras.

With this configuration, the quality of the coating layer can also be inspected on the sides of the components with no further effort.

In conformal coating inspection (CCI), special LEDs illuminate coatings that are mixed with particles that fluoresce under UV light.

The coating layer typically fluoresces in blue under this excitation. With the right frequency adjustments, all typical defect sites are reliably detected. The Viscom inspection system S3088 CCI finds defects such as air bubbles, contamination or missing coatings dependably, and ensures the guaranteed high quality of the conformal coating on the electronic assemblies.


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