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MATLAB test to develop, execute, measure, and manage dynamic tests

23rd March 2023
Harry Fowle

MathWorks has unveiled Release 2023a (R2023a) of the MATLAB and Simulink product families.

R2023a introduces two new products and enhanced features that allow engineers and researchers to develop, execute, manage, test, verify, and document their MATLAB code projects.

MATLAB Test enables engineers and researchers to develop, execute, measure, and manage dynamic tests of MATLAB code at scale. The new product helps organise and manage projects’ tests and results by enabling organisations to group, save, and run custom test suites. To optimise productivity, engineers and researchers can identify untested code paths using industry-standard code coverage metrics, such as condition, decision, and modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC). MATLAB Test users can also use the product’s project-based quality dashboard to create an interactive, graphical summary of code quality metrics and clickable details for code analysis, code coverage, test results, and requirements to raise the visibility of code readiness to an intuitive summary level.

R2023a also features the new C2000 Microcontroller Blockset that designs, simulates, and implements applications for Texas Instruments C2000 microcontrollers. The block set enables engineers and researchers to model digital power conversion and motor control applications. The product also includes peripheral blocks, such as digital IO, ADC, and ePWM, to perform simulations of control algorithms that require ADC-PWM synchronisation in industrial and automotive applications using C2000 motor control units (MCUs).

“R2023a’s new products are designed for engineers and researchers who must build safety-critical systems efficiently,” said MathWorks Director of Product Marketing David Rich. “Our customers will experience increased quality and automation within their DevOps workflows using these new products and enhanced features."

R2023a also includes major updates to popular MATLAB and Simulink tools, including:

  • Aerospace Blockset provides Simulink reference examples and blocks for modelling, simulating, and analysing high-fidelity aircraft, rotorcraft, and spacecraft platforms. The block set includes vehicle dynamics, validated models of the flight environment, and blocks for pilot behaviour, actuator dynamics, and propulsion
  • Communications Toolbox provides algorithms and apps for the analysis, design, end-to-end simulation, and verification of communications systems
  • Toolbox algorithms include channel coding, modulation, multi-input multi-output (MIMO), and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), enabling engineers and researchers to compose and simulate a physical layer model of their standard-based or custom-designed wireless communications system
  • Powertrain Blockset provides preassembled automotive vehicle reference applications for engineers and researchers using Model-Based Design for gasoline, diesel, hybrid, fuel cell, and battery electric propulsion systems. The product includes a component library for engines, traction motors, batteries, transmissions, tires, driver models, and component and supervisory controllers

Vehicle Dynamics Blockset provides preassembled automotive vehicle dynamics reference applications for passenger cars, trucks, and two-wheelers. The blockset includes a component library for propulsion, steering, suspension, vehicle body, brakes, tires, driver models, and component and supervisory controllers

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