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Inspection workstation debuts at productronica

14th November 2017
Mick Elliott

An inspection workstation – the EVOTIS was premiered by Vision Engineering on the opening day of the productronica exhibition in Munich (November 14-17). The system for large area subjects such as PCBs and multi-layer components. It will cater for a wide range of tasks such as inspection, manipulation, reworking and training and can be easily used as a part of Quality Assurance (QA) standards.

The technical inspection system can be configured with either the Lynx EVO stereo microscope or EVO Cam digital microscopes and has access to an array of inspection tools linked to these including a wide range of objectives, high resolution camera modules and reticles, and can provide magnification up to 300x.

 The system has a choice of two high capacity stages with an independently lockable X-Y axis. Both stages allow for free floating movement and fast inspection of components. The EVOTIS bases have electrostatic discharge protection (ESD) for a safe inspection or reworking as standard. 

Common to both the Lynx EVO and EVO Cam systems is Vision Engineering’s 360° rotating viewer (oblique and direct viewer), available upon request.

This provides a full 360° view of mounted components making it easy to see side details around features as well as the usual top surface of a component. This accessory is especially useful for joints, holes, pillars and threaded forms and could be extremely beneficial to use with the EVOTIS workstation.

The Lynx EVO is a truly ergonomic stereo microscope with magnification up to 240x. The patented optical viewer replaces conventional eyepieces designed to help operators to overcome the ergonomic challenges such as eye fatigues and neck and back pains that are normally associated with traditional binocular microscopes.

The EVO Cam standalone digital microscope provides magnification up to 300x has been designed for quality control, testing, inspection and documentation.

Its 360° rotating viewer provides an angled all-round view of the subject ideal for electronics and other industrial applications.

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