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Fast and Flexible Vector Signal Analyzer

2nd November 2006
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Keithley Instruments introduces the Model 2810 RF Vector Signal Analyzer, optimized for automated testing of wireless devices and transmitter circuits in production test environments, as well as in new product and device research and development. It features measurement speeds up to three times faster than competitive instruments in production test, takes up half the space, and costs half as much as competitive products.
The Model 2810 combines high performance, complex signal analysis capability with unprecedented
ease of use for even those with little training, background, or practical experience in RF measurement to serve a wide range of measurement needs on wireless devices, transceiver modules, and RF components. Keithley's Model 2810 is the lowest cost, widest signal acquisition bandwidth, stand-alone
vector signal analyzer with both manual and automated operation on the market today.

The Model 2810 RF Vector Signal Analyzer is designed to work closely with Keithley's Model 2910 RF Vector Signal Generator. Together, these two instruments form a powerful RF test ad measurement solution hat reduces test times and capital equipment costs for testing active and passive RF
components. For example, production test engineers can use built-in list mode features with the test modes of the latest mobile phone chipsets to perform fast simultaneous calibration of the phone's transmitters and receivers - reducing test times.

The Model 2810 Vector Signal Analyzer uses an advanced software-defined radio architecture with a 500MHz digital signal processor, enabling fast data acquisition and processing. Production test engineers
can drastically reduce test times, while R&D engineers and scientists can reduce the time it takes to acquire large sets of data. For example, in the case of users searching for spurious emissions from devices under test, the Model 2810 can perform a 200MHz span sweep using a narrow resolution
bandwidth of 100Hz in approximately 15 seconds. A conventional spectrum analyzer needs 1000 times longer to perform the same sweep.

Another factor contributing to the Model 2810's processing power is greater than 30MHz of 3dB measurement bandwidth with 20MHz of flatness within 1dB. Wide bandwidth signals can be captured in one acquisition, which is essential for capturing the new high bandwidth, high throughput transmission signals such as WLAN and WiMAX signals. This exceptionally wide signal acquisition bandwidth is much greater than conventional spectrum analyzers and wider than most VSAs in the $30,000
and under price range. The Model 2810 has the performance now to acquire
the future 4G technology signals under development in R&D labs.

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