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Farnell speeds test time-to-market with availability of NI LabVIEW+ Suite

15th February 2024
Paige West

Farnell has expanded its product portfolio to include NI's LabVIEW+ Suite, a comprehensive software package that combines LabVIEW with TestStand, DIAdem, and FlexLogger.

These tools are specifically designed to empower engineers in creating more efficient automated testing systems.

For over three decades, LabVIEW has stood as NI’s flagship software, garnering widespread adoption among engineers for its graphical programming environment that significantly speeds up development. It simplifies user interface creation through intuitive drag-and-drop actions and provides seamless connectivity with various instruments.

The LabVIEW+ Suite enhances this offering by integrating TestStand for streamlined system development and deployment in both validation and production environments; DIAdem for efficient data processing, visualisation, and analysis to aid in identifying root causes; and FlexLogger for no-code data logging, enabling engineers to quickly establish and execute testing protocols.

Farnell now offers the LabVIEW+ Suite at a cost reduction of up to 60% compared to purchasing each of the individual software components separately, presenting substantial savings for buyers.

Lee Turner, Farnell’s Vice President of Global Product & Supplier Management, highlighted the suite’s benefits, stating: “LabVIEW has long been a powerful development tool for engineers. The LabVIEW+ Suite uses the power of LabVIEW with additional software tools for engineers to quickly design and validate products. The significant savings by purchasing the LabVIEW+ Suite instead of buying each tool ad-hoc is an attractive option.

“The LabVIEW+ Suite can help development engineers make faster decisions, prototype more efficiently, and validate their work with greater ease. With its ability to deliver a wealth of usable data, this suite is a valuable asset for any engineer looking to streamline their workflow."

Customers in EMEA can order the LabVIEW+ Suite online from Farnell, while those in APAC and North America can purchase it through element14 and Newark, respectively.

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