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DC electronic loads offer high power ratings

26th October 2015
Mick Elliott

Designed for the automated testing of a wide range of power supplies and batteries, the new Chroma 63200A series DC electronic loads provide ultra-high precision voltage and current measurement. They also offer high power ratings from 4 kW to 24 kW and up to 2000 A in a single unit.

parallel in a master/slave configuration to produce a total power capacity of 240 kW. They also have dynamic synchronous control to enable the generation of complex multi-channel transient profiles.

"The Chroma 63200A range offers the highest accuracy of any high power electronic load on the market, and also the highest power density, at 6 kW in a 4U chassis," said MDL managing director Mark Lucock.

Suitable for testing AC/DC and server power supplies, DC/DC converters, EV batteries, automotive charging stations and other power electronics sources, the units have a 300% peak overpower capability for fault condition simulations in automotive batteries, fuel cells etc.

The loads have a user defined waveform (UDW) capability and external signal control functions for simulating real-world custom waveforms. An additional function is dynamic auto-frequency sweep for detecting a worst case output deviation across a wide range of current frequencies.

Available with voltage ratings of 150 V, 600 V or 1200 V, the 63200A series can be controlled remotely using a USB connection or via optional Ethernet or GPID interfaces.

Also included is a digitising function for recording transients in both voltage and current waveforms. Other notable features include short circuit simulation and a user programmable 255 sequential front panel input status. Overcurrent, overpower and over-temperature protection are included, as well as alarms for overvoltage and polarity reverse.

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