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Flexible test assemblies cut equipment downtime

26th August 2015
Mick Elliott

Aspen Electronics has signed an agreement to represent the specialist laboratory device company Nanjing Arance Electronics (Arance). The company produces a wide range of test and measurement products including the NAC series of cable assemblies. Arance’s NAC series highly flexible test assemblies have a rugged, lightweight construction that enables longer service life, reduced downtime, and lower operating costs over the life of the equipment.

These low-loss precision test cables have excellent VSWR and phase/flexure stability and are ideal for precise measurements, with stable electrical performance, up to 67 GHz. Fitted with NMD connectors they are primarily designed for use with high frequency microwave Vector Network Analysers (VNA) where they maintain excellent electrical characteristics under laboratory and production conditions.

The reinforced sheath test cables exhibit torque and crush resistance with the outer jacket having a multilayer armour and a compression resistance greater than 920kgf/cm.

They have been designed for test equipment applications where test ports will be continually mated and re-mated allowing a high number of mating cycles without any damage to the equipment device interface. They are available as sets containing two cables with 60 cm standard length each and can be operated at 0℃ to +40℃.

Arance’s test methods ensure that the assembly will deliver precise and repeatable measurements for any application. All products are stability tested in order to ensure excellent microwave transmission performance under the whole operating frequency.


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