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Analysers APP mode speeds R&D and production test

7th September 2023
Mick Elliott

Yokogawa Test & Measurement has released the AQ6373E visible wavelength and AQ6374E wide range optical spectrum analysers

Designed as successors to the AQ6373B and AQ6374, which feature high resolution and close-in dynamic range, the new analysers offer the same high level of performance as well as features that improve operability to meet a variety of optical spectrum measurement needs in both R&D and production settings.

Yokogawa has designed the AQ6373E and AQ6374E to meet the growing need to test new optical devices and components in the visible to near-infrared wavelength bands for medical, biological, and material processing applications.

The new models improve usability while inheriting the high wavelength resolution and wide close-in dynamic range of the current AQ6373B and AQ6374 models, which have been highly evaluated as laser spectrum measuring instruments.

In the medical and bio fields, light-emitting devices are being increasingly used due to their accuracy and non-invasiveness, which in turn demands precision measurement during development.

For the manufacturing of semiconductors, the characterisation and quality testing of lasers used in the production process also requires measurement by a high-performance optical spectrum analyser.

Meanwhile, given the widespread use of tablets and smartphones, users have come to expect a touch-based and intuitive interface that enables even those who are not familiar with the various settings and functions of optical spectrum analysers to easily perform optical spectrum tests.

The AQ6373E optical spectrum covers the same wavelength range between 350 nm and 1200 nm as the current AQ6373B. In addition to a standard performance model, the line-up now includes a high-resolution model optimised for laser evaluation applications and a limited model designed for production testing applications.

The AQ6374E optical spectrum analyser can be used not only for the evaluation of light-emitting devices such as lasers but also for the characterisation of optical fibres.

It offers the high optical performance of the previous AQ6374 model, providing the industry's only wide measurement wavelength range (350 - 1750 nm).

The new optical spectrum analysers both feature improved usability, including an APP mode designed to speed up customers' R&D and production testing tasks. APP mode provides a device under test (DUT) specific user interface that navigates the user from configuration setting to the output of test results, so that even customers who are unfamiliar with optical spectrum analysers can use them easily. They are also equipped with a large LCD touch panel, making operation even easier and more intuitive.

The AQ6373E and AQ6374E meet the CE marking requirements.

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