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Altus adds MagicRay through-hole Inspection to portfolio

26th February 2024
Kristian McCann

Altus Group has expanded its range of capital equipment for the electronics sector in the UK and Ireland by incorporating MagicRay's V320 THT Pre-Reflow AOI system into its product offerings. 

This system is tailored for through-hole technology (THT) assembly processes, equipping electronics manufacturers with extensive inspection capabilities for THT components on printed circuit boards.

Despite the ongoing reliance on through-hole assembly by numerous UK firms, where skilled operators place components manually before proceeding with wave, selective, or robotic soldering, this method is susceptible to human errors such as component defects and soldering mistakes. The MagicRay V320 THT AOI system is designed to tackle these issues through intelligent pre-reflow optical inspection.

Featuring a broad field-of-view, the V320 efficiently inspects assemblies and, with its capability to inspect both the top and bottom sides of boards, ensures thorough defect detection. The system utilises AI-based programming and big data learning algorithms to accurately identify component polarity and automatically classify component types. It is adept at spotting missing, incorrectly oriented, or misplaced parts, as well as soldering issues such as bridging or insufficient solder joints, complementing its post-reflow inspection solutions.

Jiri Kucera, Operations Director at Altus Group, expressed enthusiasm about providing the MagicRay V320 to their clientele, highlighting its potential to enhance quality and traceability in THT assembly. "The manual placement of through-hole components remains prevalent among many companies, heightening the risk of human errors and defects. The V320 addresses these concerns with a dedicated solution that improves the quality of THT assembly, whether it's detecting polarity issues, missing components, or enhancing traceability," he noted.

The V320 supports rapid programming and automated operations, accommodating high-mix production and swift inspection changeovers for up to ten applications simultaneously. It ensures full traceability via integrated barcode scanning and its high-speed, continuous inspection capability promotes quality while optimising throughput.

"The V320 has already attracted significant interest in the UK market as a specialised THT inspection solution. It allows our customers to achieve comprehensive AOI control over quality and reduce costs associated with their through-hole assembly processes," Jiri added.

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