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13GHz and 16GHz models extend oscilloscope family

2nd July 2019
Mick Elliott

Two oscilloscopes offering 13GHz and 16GHz frequency have been added to Tektronix’s scalable DPO70000SX Series Performance Oscilloscope series. The new offerings allow engineers to take advantage of the high sample rate and low noise floor of Tektronix’ highest performance family of oscilloscopes at lower bandwidth levels and more affordable price points.

The DPO70000SX Series oscilloscopes were initially developed to test the highest performance, highest speed serial and optical interface standards.

With this platform extension, Tektronix is bringing these high-end capabilities to lower speed interfaces such as USB, Display Port, HDMI, LPDDR, MIPI C-PHY and D-PHY plus legacy server storage applications such as PCI Express Gen 3 and SATA that are widely used in consumer, automotive and military/aerospace applications.

The 13GHz and 16GHz models offer four 50GS/s sample rate input channels with the unique ability to synchronise up to four scopes for a total of 16 input channels.

The UltraSync architecture provides precise data synchronisation and convenient operation across multi-unit systems to support applications that require more than four channels.

A low profile size fits in a single 3U rackmount space or two oscilloscopes can be stacked in the same space as a single standard bench oscilloscope.

“We are expanding the DPO70000SX family in response to changing market and customer needs,” said Jon Baldwin, general manager, Wideband Solutions Business Unit, Tektronix. “With this introduction, the hardware performance and software analysis tools that were developed for the most challenging high speed applications are now available at more bandwidth levels to address a wider array of interface technologies and customer use cases.”

The DPO70000SX Series is supported by an extensive range of compliance applications packages that offer the industry’s fastest throughput for standards such as USB, Display Port, HDMI, DDR, LPDDR, MIPI, SATA, PCI Express and other evolving standards allowing engineers to save time, improve productivity and uncover failures quickly.

This is augmented by the ability for engineers to seamlessly transition from compliance failures to debugging, using Tektronix’ signal integrity analysis tools.

Characterisation of the bit error ratio (BER) of devices requires a breakdown of the impact of both jitter and noise.

The Tektronix analysis solution tool kit, DPOJET, is well positioned to meet these needs by providing both jitter and noise analysis displayed using BER contours. The Serial Data Link Analyser (SDLA) platform, assists in understanding system behaviour at various test points simultaneously and helps optimise CTLE/DFE settings to accomplish receiver equalisation.

These oscilloscopes also pair seamlessly with Tektronix signal sources including the BSX Series BERTScope, AWG70000B and AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator, offering an end-to-end system solutions for transmission and receiver testing.

Both the 13GHz DPO71304SX and the 16GHz DPO71604SX are available now.

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