Highly- Accurate Power-thrifty Temperature Sensor

22nd September 2011
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The new XC3101 series from Torex is a CMOS bandgap-type temperature sensor IC which comes with analog (VAOUT) and alarm (VDOUT) outputs, and consumes only 3.5µA. Its low consumption, combined with its small size, make it well-suited for battery-powered devices or other low-profile power-conscious applications.
The voltage outputted by the VAOUT pin is the result of a highly accurate (±3.5°C) temperature detection that can operate between -40 and +100°C, followed by a highly-linear (±0.4%) temperature-to-voltage conversion whose coefficient is -11.77mV/°C.

For applications that require not only the accurate tracking of the temperature via the analog output, but also a clear indication as to when the monitored temperature rises above a pre-defined value, the VDOUT pin (alarm output) of the XC3101 will provide the appropriate logic signal. The highly accurate (±4.5°C) threshold of this N-ch open drain alarm output is 70°C (other alarm temperatures are possible within a range of 50°C to 95°C). The detect output goes “Low” when the temperature monitored by the IC goes above this pre-set threshold. The output returns to “High” when the temperature drops below a pre-set hysteresis, whose width is selectable between 0, 2.4 and 5°C.

The XC3101 operates with an input voltage range of 2.7~5.5V.

Regarding the packages available, the tiny USPN-4 package, whose dimensions are 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.4mm (L x W x H), can be selected for applications where space is at a premium. Alternatively, design engineers can opt for the more standard SSOT-24 package.

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