Wide gap sensors in stock at TTI

12th May 2020
Mick Elliott

TTI is now offering the OPB856Z Wide Gap Sensors from Optek.

These sensors are targeted for medical and industrial applications where object movement and detection are critical.

The OPB856Zemitter and sensor pair consists of an LED (935 nm) and a Phototransistor designed for optimum coupling efficiency with each other.

They are mounted in a threaded (M12x1TH) colour-coded housing.

The LED (white) and the Phototransistor (black) are designed to easily panel mount in through a 0.4724-in. (12.0 mm) hole.

A 12 mm nut is included for each housing.

Both components are designed to interconnect with a Molex (03-06-2023) connector.

The OPB856Z sensor pair is perfect for medical and industrial equipment applications in detection of object presence, movements or location. 

This sensor pair is designed to operate with separation distances between the LED and Phototransistor up to 12-in. (30.48 cm).  The sensor is constructed with a very robust design to survive harsh environments.

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