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TTI is the world's leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components.
Due to focusing on this area and a profound experience of 40 years in the business we have gained an outstanding position in the field of product diversity, quality, service and logistics.

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1st September 2020
Supercapacitors enable green power solution

The KR-5R5C224-R 5.5V, 0.22F Cylindrical supercapacitors from Eaton are now being shipped by distributor TTI.

6th August 2020
LED displays are equipped with increased intensity

An expanded offering of Rohm LED Displays is now being stocked by distributor TTI.

6th August 2020
Gas sensor provides low power operation

Distributor TTI is now offering Amphenol’s SGX Sensortech’s Miniature MEMS Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor.

4th August 2020
ChipLED series withstands tough environments

Now in stock at distributor TTI is the VLMX1300 series of ChipLEDs from Vishay.

30th July 2020
Optical sensors target rugged applications

The OPB715 series of digital output reflective optical sensors from TT Electronics-Optek are available at TTI.

24th July 2020
Gas discharge tubes are space savers

Bourns FLAT Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) series are now available from distributor TTI.

17th July 2020
Honeywell’s Medical Board Mount Pressure Sensors - Available at TTI

Honeywell's sensing element design consists of four piezo resistors on a chemically etched silicon diaphragm. A pressure change will cause a strain in the diaphragm and the buried resistors. The resistor values will change in proportion to the stress applied, which produces an electrical output. Honeywell's sensors are performing in potential applications including dialysis equipment and oxygen gas distribution.

7th July 2020
Connectors comply with reliability requirements

Simple push-button latching and a "D" shaped flange which makes mating orientation obvious are features of Smiths Interconnect D series connectors.

7th July 2020
Compact connectors tailored for tight spaces

With more and more electronic components being packed into today’s high performance vehicles, limited mounting and wiring space creates demand for miniaturisation.

3rd July 2020
Oxygen sensor is designed for ventilator applications

Amphenol’s SGX Sensortech SGX-VOX Oxygen Sensor for ventilators are in stock at distributor TTI.

30th June 2020
Laser sensors simplify design-in process

Distributor TTI is now stocking the VCNL36XXX family of proximity LASER sensors from Vishay.

22nd June 2020
TVS diodes limit peak voltage surge

Bourns Power TVS (PTVS) series of high current bidirectional TVS diodes are now available from distributor TTI.  

19th June 2020
Surface mount LEDs offer efficiency of 324 lm/W

TTI is now stocking the Osram Oslon Square 3030 family of surface mount LEDs.

12th June 2020
Robust gas sensor is poison-resistant

TTI is now offering the Miniature Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor from Amphenol’s SGX Sensortech.

10th June 2020
Pressure transducers measure from 100 PSI to 3,000 PSI

TTI is now offering Amphenol’s SSI Technology P61 Pressure and Temperature Transducer. 

8th June 2020
80 V MOSFET reduces power losses from switching

TTI is now stocking Vishay’s SIR680ADP, a new 80 V TrenchFET Gen IV n-channel power MOSFET in the 6.15 mm by 5.15 mm PowerPAK SO-8 single package.

4th June 2020
Pressure sensors in stock at TTI

The BPS Family of Pressure Sensors from Bourns is now available from distributor TTI.

2nd June 2020
Overcurrent protection devices rate up to 100A and 600VAC.

TTI has stock for immediate shipment of the expanded line of SinglFuse Overcurrent Protection devices from Bourns.

29th May 2020
Sleep monitor strip now on sale at TTI

Distributor TTI has introduced TE Connectivity’s Sensor Solutions Piezo Film Sleep Monitor Strip. 

22nd May 2020
Electrolytic capacitor copes with demanding environments

Stock of the hermetically sealed MLSH series aluminium electrolytic capacitor from Cornell Dubilier (CDE) is now being held by distributor TTI.

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