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TTI is the world's leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components.
Due to focusing on this area and a profound experience of 40 years in the business we have gained an outstanding position in the field of product diversity, quality, service and logistics.

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2nd July 2019
Whitepapers cover industrial technology applications

Three whitepapers to help design engineers take advantage of the latest technologies that optimise industrial applications and environments have been published by TTI. The papers explore machine vision and the way it is applied to user interfaces, discuss cobotics as an enabler for increased production flexibility and look at the role of sensor technology in improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring.

20th May 2019
Connectors save space in tough environments

The MDM and MDV Micro Series connectors for data, power and signal transmission from ITT Cannon are now available from TTI. Optimised to save space and weight in demanding applications, such as space vehicles, defence systems and oil exploration equipment, Micro Series Connectors are rugged and moisture-sealed.

23rd April 2019
Varistors offer long-term stability

SMD multilayer varistors from TDK EPCOS provide reliable surge and ESD protection for sensitive components and are now available from TTI. Offering high reliability and long-term stability they are ideal for applications such as smart home and security devices.

18th April 2019
Ambient light sensor matches human eye responses

The VCNL4040 fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensor from Vishay is now available from distributor TTI. Featuring Filtron technology, the sensor combines an IR emitter, photo detectors for proximity and ambient light, a signal processing IC and a 16-bit ADC.

8th April 2019
Automotive antennas deliver global coverage

Low-profile SMT automotive antennas from AVX/Ethertronics that provide RF performance and give global coverage are now available from TTI. The antennas support different worldwide frequency bands and ensure superior performance, yet occupy minimal PCB real estate.

2nd April 2019
Sealed power toggle switches for wet environments

The new PT Series of sealed power toggle switches from C&K is now available from TTI. The multi-function PT Series has a patented single piece injection moulded panel and toggle seal designed to deliver optimum performance in harsh, dirty, dusty environments. Certification to the globally accepted UL 61058 standard means that no additional testing is required.

15th March 2019
Modular jack solutions meet demand for faster speeds

A broad range of Amphenol ICC’s I/O registered RJ45 modular jack and RJ magnetic solutions can now be sourced in Europe through TTI. The products meet the increasing demand for faster speeds and greater bandwidth for VoIP, Ethernet, WLAN, medical, and industrial applications.

8th March 2019
Power generating device employs electromagnetic induction

Now available in Europe through TTI is the compact Energy Harvester SPGA Series from Alps Electric Europe. The SPGA Series is a compact power-generating device employing electromagnetic induction to generate power with each push or release. Combined with external low-power wireless technology, the device can function as a switch.

13th February 2019
Accelerometers meet demanding applications

Now in stock in Europe at distributor TTI are Murata’s accelerometers featuring 3D MEMS technology. The product range includes high performance digital and analogue accelerometers for both safety critical automotive and high performance industrial applications.

5th February 2019
Current sense resistors are fully AEC-Q200 compliant

Now available in Europe through TTI are CSS series high power current sense resistors from Bourns. The devices come in both 2-terminal and 4-terminal versions. The 2-terminal models are available in three different footprint sizes: 5930, 3920 and 2512 (6332 Metric).

30th January 2019
DC-DC converters withstand shock and vibration

Available in Europe through TTI are Murata’s IR series DC-DC converters, designed specifically for use in industrial and railway applications. Models available include the IRQ100 series 100W single o/p regulated outputs in an industry-standard quarter brick, and IRH150 series 150W single o/p, and IRS50 series 50W sixteenth brick package.

22nd January 2019
Cable tie mounts adhesive makes for easy application

Now available in Europe through TTI are SolidTack MB and FlexTack cable tie mounts from HellermannTyton. These self-adhesive mounting bases feature a high-performance acrylic adhesive which is specially designed to adhere strongly on high and low energy surfaces like metals, plastics, glass, painted, varnished or powder-coated objects.

8th January 2019
Supercapacitor module offers lifetime up to 20 years

A supercapacitor module from Eaton that delivers high reliability, high power and ultra-high capacitance energy storage is available now at TTI. Utilising electrochemical double-layer capacitor (EDLC) construction, the Eaton XLR-48 supercapacitor module can be used as a sole energy source or in combination with batteries to optimise cost, lifetime and run time.

5th December 2018
Wiremount connectors need no special tooling

Now in stock in Europe at TTI are 3M’s Mini Clamp wiremount connectors. The components are designed to provide connection reliability and cost performance in I/O applications commonly found in a wide range of sensor control systems, including Factory Automation and Industrial Controls.

18th November 2018
electronica: Sensors guide pinpoints applications

A Sensors Application Guide which – for the first time – is split by market sectors rather than by franchise or device type was premiered at electronica by TTI. Sections include Smart Building; Smart Appliances; HVAC; Renewable Energy; Robotics and Factory Automation; Materials Handling; EV and Automotive; Medical; Wearables; Drones and Unmanned Vehicles.

11th October 2018
Pressure sensor uses proprietary MEMS mass flow technology

Available in Europe through TTI is Omron’s D6F-PH Differential Pressure Sensor. The product is a type of MEMS chip with I²C digital output. Using Omron’s proprietary MEMS mass flow technology, the sensor features a redesigned internal flow path that produces low flow, high velocity/high impedance for a differential pressure output.

27th September 2018
Hybrid connectors reduce three operations to one

Now available in Europe through TTI are OMNIMATE hybrid connectors from Weidmüller. The components replace three individual components and reduce three separate operations to one - with the signal contacts integrated directly in the power connector, the pluggable cable shielding and the one-handed safety lock.

13th September 2018
Power connectors occupy 50% less space on pcb

Now available at TTI, the Molex Ultra-Fit Power Connectors have a streamlined design that enables smaller, more efficient packaging than similar power interconnects, yet still provide similar current density. Ultra-Fit Power Connectors provide up to 14A, but take up less than half the PCB footprint of comparable devices, enabling electronics designers to solve challenges across a very wide spectrum of products.  

23rd August 2018
Optocoupler enables 30% saving on PCB real estate

The first AEC-Q101 qualified, phototransistor optocoupler introduced by Vishay is now available at TTI. This newly-launched device, the VOMA617A, combines a high current transfer ratio (CTR) of 50% to 600% with low 5mA forward current. Supplied in a compact SOP-4 package, the new device offers the major advantage of a 30% saving on PCB real-estate when compared to a DIP-4 package.

13th August 2018
Current sense resistors come in 2- and 4-terminal options

The CSS series high power current sense resistors from Bourns that come in both 2-terminal and 4-terminal options can now be sourced in Europe through TTI. The 2-terminal models are available in three different footprint sizes: 5930, 3920 and 2512 (6332 Metric). With resistance values as low as 0.2mΩ, each family will have a range of low resistance options and power ratings of up to 15W.

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