Top 5 sensor products in May

30th May 2022
Kiera Sowery

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top sensor products to have been released in May 2022.

2D Experimental Pilot Line offers developers the chance to test graphene-based sensors

The 2D Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL), a project grown from the Graphene Flagship, has launched its first customisable wafer run.

As one of five multi-project wafer (MPW) runs, this first phase targets sensor applications. Companies, universities and research institutes can include their designs as dies on joint wafers, to test their ideas for devices on a larger scale at relatively low costs.

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Pressure sensor suits smartphones and wearables

In stock now at distributor Mouser Electronics, is the BMP390 barometric pressure sensor from Bosch.

The BMP390 is an small, low-power and low-noise 24-bit absolute barometric pressure sensor with vertical (z-axis) capabilities that enable accurate indoor localisation with smartphones in case of emergencies.

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Stackpole launches 7W current sensing resistor

Power electronic engineers continue to push for higher power, lower values, and better precision. Most common resistor technologies cannot adequately meet all three requirements, but Stackpole’s CSS/CSSH Series is able meet these demands in a variety of sizes, power ratings and values.

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Diodes Incorporated addresses fan-out and multi-host connectivity

Diodes Incorporated (DIODES) has announced the introduction of a PCIe 3.0 packet switch IC.

DIODES PI7C9X3G1632GP provides flexible multi-port and lane width configuration, resulting in elevated levels of performance and availability. This will prove beneficial in systems dealing with AI/deep learning workloads, data storage equipment, the servers in data centres, wireless/wireline telecommunications infrastructure, and various forms of modern embedded hardware.

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tinyML applied to fall detection and gesture recognition

Imagimob has announced tinyML for two new applications based on mmWave radar sensors from Texas Instruments, fall detection and gesture recognition.

The fall detection algorithm uses a low-cost, low-power radar sensor placed on the wall in a room or an appliance, and the tinyML will detect if a person in the room falls down.

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