Tech showcase finalists announced for MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit

21st August 2019
Lanna Cooper

SEMI Europe has announced finalists for the Technology Showcase for MEMS & Sensors and the Technology Showcase for Imaging Sensors at SEMI MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit. The finalists are innovators of MEMS and imaging sensors for applications spanning wireless sensor nodes in harsh environments, secure-by-design IoT devices, non-invasive wrist-worn blood glucose monitors, and 3D eye tracking that more naturally captures user attention in consumer devices.

The event is being held on 25th-27th September 2019, in Grenoble, France. Registration is now open. 

Selected by a committee of industry experts, Technology Showcase finalists will demonstrate new enabling products and platforms that are advancing MEMS and imaging sensors in biomedical, IoT, transportation, vision systems, and other consumer and industrial markets as they compete for audience votes. The Technology Showcases will take place during concurrent sessions on 26th September. Winners will be announced that evening during the gala dinner.

MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase Finalists

  • frec|n|sys SAS: Wireless SAW Sensors at 2.45GHz Built on POI Wafers - frec|n|sys’Piezoelectric-on-insulator (POI) wafers represent a breakthrough for the development of modern surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices in wireless sensor applications, supporting sensor operation in difficult conditions such as closed metallic areas or for long distance interrogation. Presented by Sylvain Ballandras, CEO, frec|n|sys SAS.
  • Marvin Test Solutions: Metal Oxide (MOX) Gas Sensor Testing - A precision test solution that accommodates very large site counts (512 devices) and matches the throughput of high performance semiconductor test systems but at a lower cost. Presented by Victor Fernandes, European Sales Manager, Marvin Test Solutions.
  • Okmetic Oy: Industrial Patterning Platform for Value-added Si Substrate Manufacturing - The Okmetic platform advances the reliability, quality and performance of silicon-based devices. The platform is designed for MEMS, sensor and photonics applications requiring buried cavities, poly-Si filled through-silicon via (TSV) connections, or patterned multi-layer SOI design. Presented by Päivi Sievilä, Customer Support Engineer, Okmetic Oy.
  • Sensry: Building the IoT System of the Future with Sensry - Sensry’s individual sensor node features a new secure-by-design chip with flexible, customisable hardware configurations in a System in Package (SiP). The sensor node is scalable to support the billions of IoT devices expected over the coming decades. Presented by Konrad Herre, CEO, Sensry.
  • Siconnexcustomised solutionsFab Cost Saving Programmes with BATCHSPRAY Technology - Siconnex offers a wide spectrum of wet process solutions for etching, stripping and cleaning applications to help device makers reduce fab costs. Siconnex’s SicOzoneTM technology helps reduce chemicals use, minimise chemical waste, enhance product quality, improve user safety and reduce cleanroom space requirements. Presented by Fabio Wörndl, Global Director of Sales and Marketing.

Imaging and Sensors Technology Showcase Finalists

  • Alertgy: Impedance/Dielectric Spectrum Imaging System for Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (NICGM) for Diabetics - Combines proprietary dielectric materials and signal processing/extraction to detect unique chemical signatures related to blood glucose levels - all in a tiny non-invasive platform suitable for integration in smart watches and other wrist-worn wearables. Presented by Marc Rippen, Founder and President, Alertgy.
  • Eyeware: 3D Eye Tracking Software for Depth-Sensing Cameras - Leverages off-the-shelf depth-sensing cameras to enable 3D eye-tracking in consumer devices, computers and cars without requiring users to wear glasses. The cameras instantly and naturally track user attention and intent. Presented by Bastjan Prenaj, Co-founder and Growth, Eyeware.
  • Insightness: 7.2µm Pixel Event-Based Vision Sensor with Frame Readout - A stacked event-based image sensor that compresses visual information in smart pixels to enable vision sensors with low power consumption, fast response and high dynamic range. Providing 1024x768 resolution in an optical format of just 1 to 1.7", the Insightness sensors support integration into compact camera modules. Presented by Raphael Berner, Head of Chip Design, Insightness.

The MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit returns to the WTC in Grenoble, France.

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