TDK introduces new stray-field robust 3D-magnetic position sensor

4th June 2024
Harry Fowle

TDK has extended its Micronas 3D HAL-position sensor family with the HAL/HAR 3936, the newest addition to its Hall-effect-based 3D-position sensor portfolio.

Developed with a focus on meeting the stringent requirements of modern automotive and industrial applications, the HAL/HAR 3936 represents a significant advancement in magnetic position processing technology. Thanks to the sensor’s versatile programming characteristics and its high accuracy, the HAL/HAR 3936 is a potential solution for steering column switches, gear selectors, brake pedal position sensors, or brake stroke sensors. Samples are already available. Start of production is planned for the end of 2024.

Designed to address the industry's demand for robust 3D position sensors and compliance with ISO 26262 standards, the HAL/HAR 3936 offers a reliable solution for various applications, including steering column switches. Noteworthy features include a power-saving low-power mode, facilitating direct connection to a vehicle's battery for improved efficiency. Furthermore, the sensor's integrated SENT interface enables seamless transmission of external digital signals, enhancing its versatility in diverse operational environments.

The HAL/HAR 3936 is available in a dual-die variant, the HAR 3936-4100, engineered to provide enhanced redundancy and reliability. Utilising a stacked-die architecture, this variant ensures synchronous measurements of magnetic signals by occupying the same magnetic field position. As a result, it delivers high-resolution position measurements, meeting the stringent accuracy requirements of modern applications.

With customer-configurable PWM or SENT outputs, the HAL/HAR 3936 offers flexibility to adapt to various application needs. In SENT mode, the sensor adheres to SAE J2716 rev. 4 standards, with configurable parameters such as tick time and frame format. Additionally, the sensor features two functional modes - application mode and low-power mode - selectable via an input signal, enabling optimised power consumption based on operational requirements.

In application mode, the HAL/HAR 3936 excels in measuring a 360° angular range, linear movements, and stray-field robust 3D position information of a magnet. The stray-field robust 3D modes and the possibility to read external signals enable a new robustness of steering column switch detection that was never available before. Leveraging Hall technology, the sensor effectively suppresses external magnetic stray fields, ensuring accurate measurements in any scenario.

The HAL/HAR 3936 complies with SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) ASIL C standards according to ISO 26262:2018, ensuring compatibility with automotive safety requirements up to ASIL D. Designed for operation in harsh environments, the sensor operates flawlessly within an ambient temperature range from –40 °C to 150 °C, making it suitable for automotive and industrial applications.

Available in a SOIC8 SMD package as a single-die device and in an SSOP16 SMD package for the dual-die version, the HAL/HAR 3936 offers a reliable and versatile solution for demanding 3D position sensing applications.

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