TDK expands sensor family

20th June 2024
Caitlin Gittins

TDK has expanded its acclaimed Micronas 3D HAL-position sensor family with the introduction of the HAL/HAR 3936. 

Additionally, TDK has enhanced its tunnel-magnetoresistance (TMR) angle sensor range by launching the TAS8240 sensor, designed for both automotive and industrial applications.

This new sensor, available in compact QFN16 (3 x 3 mm²) and TSSOP16 (5 x 6.4 mm²) packages, provides four redundant analog single-ended SIN/COS outputs and boasts low power consumption. It enables precise angle measurements, delivering exceptional performance in constrained spaces. As a 360° angle sensor, the TAS8240 is particularly suited for accurately measuring the rotor position of BLDC motors used in critical safety applications such as power steering, brake boosters, and traction motors. The TAS8240 has already entered mass production, with samples readily available.

Equipped with four pairs of TMR half-bridges, the sensor offers four distinct SIN/COS outputs by detecting the magnetic field in the x-y plane. This design allows for achieving higher system safety levels up to ASIL D and ensures the availability of position information even if one output signal fails.

The QFN16 package, a surface mount technology (SMT) solution, has a significantly smaller footprint compared to the TSSOP16, making it ideal for space-constrained applications. Its wettable flank feature ensures automotive-grade soldering quality. Depending on the system architecture, the new sensor can also support fail-operational concepts.

TDK’s advanced TMR technology leverages the company's extensive expertise in magnetic-sensor technology, optimising sensors by integrating sophisticated TMR technology into compact packages. The angle accuracy of the sensor remains stable across various temperatures and throughout the sensor’s lifetime. The TAS8240's deterministic performance in extended magnetic-field ranges opens up new application possibilities, even in challenging environments.


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