Sleep monitor strip now on sale at TTI

29th May 2020
Mick Elliott

Distributor TTI has introduced TE Connectivity’s Sensor Solutions Piezo Film Sleep Monitor Strip. 

The Sleep Monitor Strip is a strip of Piezo Film (piezoelectric PVDF polymer) 800mm long and 8mm wide.

The active electrode area is 698.5mm long and 3mm wide.

The total thickness of the strip is around 50 microns, making it extremely flexible and entirely imperceptible when placed under the body. Electrical interconnection is made via two crimped solder tabs.

The strip produces a charge or voltage output when subjected to dynamic strain (change in length).

When mounted across a mattress in line with the chest/heart, the strip can detect tiny changes in load or centre of gravity due to breathing and pulse of the occupant, as well as gross body or limb movement.

These signals may then be assessed over an extended time period (e.g. overnight) and may be indicative of duration, phase, or quality of sleep.

The sensor requires no external power and is therefore ideal for use with battery-operated equipment where power consumption must be kept to a minimum.

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