Sensor module detects low flow rates

21st February 2024
Mick Elliott

The UFM-01 module uses ScioSense’s ultrasonic flow technology; hence, it contains no rotors or other moving parts, leading to significant improvements over traditional, mechanical-based flow sensors.

Not only does this technology improve the lifetime of the flow sensor, but it also results in stable performance over a wide measurement range and allows the detection of very low flow rates.

The compact sensor module offers up to ±5% accuracy and covers a wide sensing range from 0 l/h to 2000 l/h.

Flow rates are communicated to a host through a 1-Wire® or UART interface, including the measured water temperature up to +60°C.

The UFM-01 is suitable for use with food-grade material, making it useful for control systems in boilers, smart water taps, beverage machines, and more.

Features include half-inch thread connection, pipe size DN10; low power consumption: 2 mA average current with single 5 V power supply; Food grade material, certification pending.

Sensor dimensions are 60 mm x 30 mm x 18.5 mm

Applications cover boilers and heating systems; water purifiers; coffee machines; beverage handling systems; smart toilets and water tabs; and garden watering and irrigation systems.

These sensors are in stock at distributor DigiKey.


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