Ruggedised magnetic proximity sensor improves remote monitoring

13th October 2020
Alex Lynn

C&K has expanded its offering of magnetic proximity sensors to enhance flexibility and reliability for non-contact position and proximity detection in tough environments. Featuring a ruggedised aluminum housing and a stainless steel cable, the MPSR Series provides excellent sensing in dirty environments.

With an operating life of four million actuations, the sensor offers reliable and accurate remote monitoring in spite of dirt, dust, oil, grease, water, and other potential contaminants that would degrade performance of other sensor assemblies.

The addition of Form C switching provides two outputs that can be toggled to offer additional feedback capabilities. Enabling quick, easy, and cost-effective installation in any environment, the MPSR Series is ideal for automotive, factory automation, industrial, IoT, security, and other applications.

Suited for Zone 2 applications, the MPSR Series sensor utilises hermetically sealed contacts that insulate electrical switch contacts from the outside environment, eliminating the risk of sparks.

“Magnetic proximity sensors offer non-contact object detection beyond the normal limits of products such as inductive sensors. They offer long sensing ranges within a small package size, and they can be positioned in different locations through the use of a wiring harness,” said Tanios BouRamia, Global Product Manager at C&K. “Featuring a durable aluminium housing with maximum protection from the elements, the rugged MPSR Series magnetic proximity sensor enables remote monitoring in most any environmental conditions.”

The normally open contacts on the MPSR Series sensor are open when the accompanying magnet is removed from proximity to the sensor, and they are held closed when the magnet is within actuation range. Conversely, the normally closed contacts are closed when the magnet is removed from proximity to the sensor, while they are open when the magnet is within actuation range. The 30V 3W rating means that the sensor can be used for either signal level or load switching as required by the application.

The operating temperature range is -40 to +176°F (-40 to +80°C), permitting operation in harsh thermal environments. The sensor is UL61058 approved.

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