Proximity sensor and VCSEL integrated into one package

4th May 2021
Mick Elliott

In stock at distributor New Yorker Electronics is the new Vishay Optoelectronics fully integrated proximity sensor which is designed to increase efficiency and performance in consumer and industrial applications.

Featuring a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), the Vishay Semiconductors VCNL36825T combines a photodiode, signal processing IC, and 12-bit ADC in a compact 2.0mm by 1.25mm by 0.5mm surface-mount package with a small 1.6mm light hole.

The Vishay VCNL36825T integrates a proximity sensor (PS), and a VCSEL into one small package.

It incorporates photodiodes, amplifiers, and analogue to digital converting circuits into a single chip by CMOS process. PS programmable interrupt features of individual high and low thresholds offer the best utilisation of resource and power saving on the microcontroller.

Compared to previous-generation devices, the VCNL36825T offers a 76% smaller package, while its reduced light hole opening provides increased design flexibility, at a lower cost. The device’s small size makes it ideal for space-constrained battery-powered applications.

A programmable interrupt function allows designers to specify high and low thresholds to reduce the continuous communication with the microcontroller.

The Vishay device’s proximity functions include an immunity to red glow (940 nm IRED), a programmable IVCSEL sink current and an intelligent cancellation to reduce cross talk.

Their smart persistence scheme reduces PS response time with a low power consumption mode and sunlight cancellation up to 100klx.

It has a programmable interrupt function for PS with upper and lower thresholds and an adjustable persistence to prevent false triggers for PS.

The device offers an operating range of 200 mm and low power consumption down to 6.63 µA increases efficiency.

It supports the I²C bus communication interface for easy access to the proximity signal and intelligent cancellation eliminates cross-talk.

Applications include handheld devices, consumer devices, industrial application and true wireless stereo (TWS) earphones.

New Yorker Electronics supplies the full line of Vishay Optoelectronics including optocouplers, optical sensors, 7-segment displays, infrared receivers, solid-state relays, LCD displays, visible LEDs, infrared emitters, plasma displays, photo detectors, IrDA transceivers and infrared touch panels.

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