Predictive maintenance motor protection with temperature sensing

13th September 2019
Lanna Cooper

Lee Schuler, Applications Engineer at ON Semiconductor will be showing you how the company's efuse and smart passive sensor SBS can be incorporated together in industrial applications.

This demo showcases the company’s latest family of effuse, the N is 5x2x as an overcurrent protection device for motors and industrial applications. ON Semiconductor’s fuses have inbuilt protection features such as fault reporting capabilities.

Diagnostics and a controlled output to ensure unconditional safety downstream. Additionally, in this demo, you will be shown one of the SPS tags. The SPS XT monitoring, the motor temperature and the SPS tag is completely wireless and battery free making it a prime candidate. Where wiring and batteries are impractical, this application is placed on a critical piece of equipment. The failure which can be pre-empted by continuously monitoring the temperature, the SPS tag is read by the SPS UHF reader which can monitor the data in real time and also send a signal to turn off the motor by combining the effuse.

The SPS as shown in the video diagram, the motor is now protected from overcurrent events such as fault as well as having the ability to predict maintenance on a critical piece of equipment. The motor is also protected from overvoltage and undervoltage events via the inbuilt protection features included with the EVs.

First, the video looks at the motor heating up with a partial jam. This will send a signal to the effuse to power off once the temperature threshold is reached, which in turn, powers off the motor as seen on the GUI once the motor temperature reaches its threshold the motor turns off.

ON Semiconductor will also show an overcurrent event with the motor by completely jamming the motor, the effuse has an adjustable current limit based on an external resistor, the jam will cause excessive current and the effuse will respond by powering off.

To find out more information, watch the video below.

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