Precise, safe and robust: Magnetic and pressure sensors at Sensor+Test

17th June 2019
Lanna Cooper


Infineon Technologies is presenting its latest sensors and solutions for intelligent mobility, the smart home, connected industry, robotics, and health and fitness at this year’s Sensor+Test. The exhibits and solutions are on view during the trade fair (25th to 27th June) at stand 429 in hall 1.

One main topic of the semiconductor manufacturer is magnetic sensors. Infineon’s portfolio includes sensors based on all four magnetic technologies: HALL, GMR, AMR and TMR. Since functional safety requirements are steadily growing in many automotive and industrial applications, Infineon attaches particular importance to this aspect.

On the occasion of Sensor+Test, the chip manufacturer is expanding its portfolio to include the XENSIV TLI4999I3, the first linear Hall sensor for automotive applications to be rated with the highest functional safety level (ASIL-D).

In addition, Infineon is launching its AMR-based XENSIV TLE5109A16 angle sensor. With an angle error of only 0.2°, it delivers more accurate measurements at low magnetic fields than comparable products on the market. In its dual-die design, it is also suitable for ASIL-D systems.

More and more applications in the industrial, consumer and automotive sectors require detailed information on the current that is flowing - from solar inverters, electric drives to smart home appliances. Each application has different requirements, for example, regarding measurement range and other parameters. At Sensor+Test, Infineon is presenting various application examples to demonstrate the flexible uses of its new TLI4971 current sensor based on Hall technology.

A further focus of Infineon’s presence at the fair is on pressure sensors. The company is showcasing the XENSIV DPS368, an extremely small and precise barometric pressure sensor for wearables, home appliances, drones, therapeutic devices and other applications. The device measures to an accuracy of ±2cm, is water-tight up to a depth of 50m, and saves up to 80% space compared to similar sensors.

In addition, the chip manufacturer is presenting its Turbo MAP sensor XENSIV KP276, which sets a new record for accuracy (± 0.77% FSS) in the company’s portfolio. It also enables particularly fast measurement and transfer of data. Both of these features help optimize the air-fuel ratio in combustion engines and hence reduce emissions.

Moreover, experts from Infineon are presenting the latest technologies and products in a series of talks at the fair:

Coreless magnetic current sensors entering high power - a miniature sensor family for 120A/1kV applications
Leo Aichriedler, Lead Principal Sensor Systems
Tuesday 25th June, 11am
Forum in hall 1

Addressing the need for functional safety products within high-availability angle sensing in automotive and industrial
Susanne Dachs, Product Marketing Manager Angle Sensors
Tuesday 25th June, 12am
Forum in hall 1

Looking to pass the Turing test - Natural conversations enabled by premium microphones
Julian Kornprobst, Marketing & Business Development/Specialist MEMS
Wednesday 26th June, 1:30pm
Forum in hall 5

Prototyping has never been easier
Tobias Bukowski, Global Distribution Marketing Manager Sensors
Thursday 27th June, 1pm
Forum in hall 5

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