Portable tool helps first responders detect carbon monoxide levels

16th March 2018
Lanna Deamer


Molex subsidiary, Sensorcon has introduced the CO Inspector, a portable meter that uses advanced electrochemical sensor technology to quickly detect and measure carbon monoxide, and alert fire, police and rescue personnel to dangerous levels.

Fast, accurate detection is especially crucial today, given that the popularity of petroleum-based building materials has escalated the risk of carbon monoxide exposure and poisoning in firefighting. Carbon monoxide levels should be actively monitored by all personnel subject to smoke inhalation, for the duration that firefighting or rescue operations are performed.

“The Inspector uses a compactelectrochemical sensor that has an extremely fast response time,” said Calen Dembitsky, Marketing Manager, Sensorcon, a Molex company.

“The self-contained meter can easily and securely be attached to firefighters’ turnout gear, and the LCD display with all the features and modes is viewable even when wearing self-contained breathing apparatus. It’s also ideal for monitoring carbon monoxide exposure in police vehicles, which has been a particular problem with departments that use police SUVs.”

Lightweight yet rugged, the instrument is also suitable for HVAC service technicians, home and code inspectors and indoor air quality professionals who monitor buildings, construction or industrial areas, or test around appliances.

The device is available in three models: The Inspector, Inspector Industrial and Inspector Industrial PRO. All three are waterproof and shockproof, have preprogrammed set points, measure CO gas concentrations from 0-1,999ppm and provide visual (LED) and audio alarms.

The Industrial and Industrial PRO models have vibrating alarms as well as intrinsically safe certification, ensuring they will not cause a spark in an explosive environment. With the Industrial PRO device, users can set their own low and high alarms. In addition, the Industrial PRO tool’s Time Weighted Average (TWA) feature records three different readings within 24 hours and provides the average.

Specifications of the Inspector include:

  • Factory calibrated accuracy: +/- 10% or +/- 2 ppm (whichever value is higher)
  • Initial response time: Less than five seconds
  • Alarm set points: Preprogrammed 35ppm low, 200ppm high
  • Battery life: Two years (depending on alarm condition)
  • Temperature range: -4 to +122 ºF (-20 to +50 ºC)

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