Miniaturised CO2 sensor to create a healthier environment

7th May 2019
Lanna Deamer

Once again, Sensirion trailblazes innovation in environmental sensing to create healthier and more productive environments for people. At this year’s Sensor+Test 2019 in Nuremberg and Sensors Expo 2019 in San José, Sensirion, is announcing the SCD40 - according to the company it is the first miniaturised CO2 and RH/T sensor that fits in a space of just one cubic centimetre.

This disruptive innovation is based on the photoacoustic sensing principle and combines minimal size with maximum performance to open up numerous new integration and application possibilities. Due to its unprecedented price-performance ratio, the SCD40 is especially well suited for high volume and cost sensitive applications.

Sensirion’s profound expertise in miniaturising sensors has enabled a breakthrough step in CO2 sensing: with dimensions of just 12x12x7mm3, the SCD40 footprint has been miniaturised by a factor of 5 compared to its predecessor, the SCD30. Using the photoacoustic sensing principle, the dimensions of the optical cavity are drastically reduced without compromising on sensor performance.

Moreover, the SCD40 CO2 and RH/T sensor leverages Sensirion’s outstanding environmental sensing expertise by incorporating a humidity and temperature sensor that delivers two additional sensor outputs. Because of its unmatched size and its unprecedented price performance ratio, the SCD40 is the sensor of choice for today’s and future CO2 sensing markets such as IoT, automotive, HVAC, appliances and consumer goods.

Thanks to new energy standards and better insulation, buildings have become increasingly energy efficient, but at the cost of accelerated deterioration in air quality. Since high CO2 levels compromise human health and productivity, CO2 is a key indicator for indoor air quality. Air exchangers and smart ventilating systems in the commercial and the residential sector use CO2 sensors to regulate ventilation in the most energy efficient and human-friendly way.

Furthermore, CO2 sensors play an essential role for indoor air quality monitoring and can therefore be integrated in IAQ monitors, air purifiers and smart thermostats. The SCD40 miniature CO2 and RH/T sensor solution will revolutionise product design approaches and create the foundation for a vast array of new applications.

Visit Sensirion at the Sensor+Test 2019 at booth no. 316 in hall 1 as well as at the Sensors Expo 2019 at booth no. 324 in hall M2 to experience the new sensor solution live in action.

Furthermore, there will be an exclusive meeting with a live demonstration for selected customers at both events, offering a deeper insight into the upcoming innovation and its availability.

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