Load cells deliver tension measurement solution

4th August 2020
Mick Elliott

Loadstar’s S-Beam load cells, which are in stock at distributor Digi-Key, are named for their distinctive S-shape.

These sensors are extremely versatile load cells and offer the best solution for applications such as tension and compression force measurement.

The RAS1 is made from special high-grade heat-treated alloy steel and is available in capacities from 25 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.

The sensor has threaded holes on the top and bottom of the load cell to easily mount into applications.

This load cell has very good accuracy and stability, and is temperature compensated from -10°C to +40°C for use in a wide range of applications.

It has easy mounting features for in-line tension testing applications where two threaded rod-ends or eye bolts can be easily attached to the threaded female holes on the two ends of the S-beam load cell.

Force sensors can be purchased individually or as a kit to work with PCs, PLCs, or data acquisition systems.

It is suitable for tension or compression applications (push or pull), and offers a resolution of ±0.01% of the full scale.

Applications include harness testing, cable strength testing, wire strength testing, compression force measurement, weight measurement and tension force measurement.

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