Introducing new 3D time-of-flight image sensors

8th September 2020
Alex Lynn

Distance image sensors measure the distance to an objectper pixel, using an indirect TOF (time-of-flight) method.  It is a good sensor for people and object detection, and shape recognition for applications where touchless or labour-saving technology is required.

Touchless operation of machinery for hygiene management, measurement tools for ensuring social distance and labour-saving autonomous robots are becoming more common in everyday life. Today, distance sensors are playing an increasingly important role as a key enabling component in the development of such technologies.

To meet the needs of these applications, Hamamatsu Photonics have introduced a new range of 3D time-of-flight back-thinned image sensors. Through back-thinning, these new sensors deliver high sensitivity in the near-infrared region.

An integrated active circuitry improves the tolerance to background light and makes this new range of distance sensors ideal for measurement applications including hygiene management, measurement for social distancing and remote operations.  They are also available in a compact wafer-level package. 

Hamamatsu can offer evaluation kits to aid development, and customised solutions to meet specific application needs.

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