Fluid sensors target critical applications

25th June 2021
Mick Elliott

The OPB350 family of Fluid Sensors from Optek are now being shipped by distributor TTI.

This sensor is specifically targeted for the medical IV and lab/clinical equipment where tube presence and fluid presence are critical.

The sensor is designed to work with 1/16-inch [1.6mm], 1/8-inch [3.2mm], and 3/16-inch [4.8 mm] and ¼-inch [6.3 mm] outside diameter clear tubes.

When output reference circuitry is added, multiple output states such as “Fluid Present,” “No Fluid Present” and “No Tube Present” can be recognised.

Clear liquid present causes the phototransistor to sink the maximum current, while dark liquid present causes it to sink the minimum current.

As bubbles pass through the tube, the signal will vary between the “Liquid Present” and “No Liquid” states.

If no tube is present, the phototransistor sinks current between the dark fluid and clear fluid states.

The user will have to identify the typical current values for each situation. The ratio between the different stated values allows acknowledgment of different conditions.

The series is available in printed circuit board mounting or 24-inch (610 mm) 26 AWG wires and includes an opaque plastic housing to enhance ambient light rejection.

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