Develop, connect, expand: TI wireless sensor kit

2nd December 2019
Lanna Cooper

Expanding upon TI's LaunchPad ecosystem, the new LaunchPad SensorTag kit (LPSTK-CC1352R) offers integrated environmental and motion sensors, multi-band wireless connectivity and easy-to-use software to help you prototype your next connected application. 

This fully-enclosed and battery-operated kit is well-suited to quickly evaluate a complete sensor network and stress test the various protocol stacks available in the SimpleLink Platform.

The kit allows you to:

  • Provide a wide array of environmental sensors to your network
  • Create flexible sensor networks featuring over 100 nodes 
  • Design with multiple connectivity options (Bluetooth, Sub-1GHz, Thread, Zibee and more) enabled by the SimpleLink CC1352R wireless MCU
  • Build your own custom nodes by adding your own sensors, displays and more through the TI BoosterPack ecosystem

For more information, watch the video below.

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