CMOS image sensor features low noise charge domain

9th November 2018
Lanna Cooper


Gpixel has announced the release of GMAX3265, a high resolution (65MP) image sensor featured with the latest low noise 3.2µm charge domain global shutter pixel architecture.

“GMAX3265 is defined in close collaboration with leading industry partners in inspection vision systems, as such are we confident that the unique features of GMAX3265 will meet the most demanding requirements for industrial inspection, machine vision and metrology applications,” said Wim Wuyts, Chief Commercial Officer of Gpixel.

GMAX3265 offers 9344 (H) x7000 (V) charge global shutter pixels with ultra-low read noise of <2e-, >70dB dynamic range, and 1e-/p/s dark current at room temperature. Thanks to the light pipe technology, the sensor exhibits shutter efficiency of 1/30,000 and large angular response.

Consisting of 56 pairs sub-LVDS data output channel and each running at maximum 1.08 Gbit/s, GMAX3265 delivers 85 frames/s at 10bit output or 53 frames/s at 12bit output. The high resolution and fast frame rate significantly increases the system throughput for industrial inspection applications, such as semiconductor, PCB, AOI or display inspection.

Similar as GMAX0505, GMAX3265 is designed with on-chip sequencer supporting various exposure and Regio of Interest modes tailored to inspection imaging needs enabling easy and cost effective integration for camera manufactures.

“We understand short time-to-market is essential in today’s competing environment, and at Gpixel we put a lot of effort in technical and logistic support to enable customers a fast go to market timing. This combined with our long term commitment and product strategy is essential for the success of our growing customer base and Gpixel,” said Wuyts.

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