0.61µm pixel 4K image sensor for mobile cameras

4th June 2021
Alex Lynn

OmniVision Technologies has announced the OV60A, a 0.61 micron (µm) pixel high resolution CMOS image sensor that will enhance the capabilities of next-generation mobile phone cameras. The OV60A offers 60 megapixel (MP) resolution with the smallest pixel size in its class at .61µm. The OV60A can fit into a 1/2.8 inch optical format in either 3:4 or 16:9 aspect ratio configurations.

The four-cell colour filter array on the OV60A uses near pixel binning to output up to 15MP images with 4X the sensitivity offering 1.22µm equivalent performance for preview and native 4K video with extra pixels for electronic image stabilisation (EIS). The sensor also supports low power mode for ‘always on’ sensing that can save precious battery life when paired with the phone’s artificial intelligence functions.

“In  2022, TSR estimates there will be 43 million image sensors with 40MP+ resolution for front facing cameras and over 350 million image sensors with 50MP+ resolution for rear facing cameras shipped to smartphone manufacturers,” said Arun Jayaseelan, staff marketing manager at OmniVision. “The OV60A with 60MP resolution packed into a small form factor is an attractive option for high resolution front facing cameras as well as for ultra-wide rear facing cameras on mobile phones.”

To achieve this increase in resolution, along with a smaller pixel size and optical format, the OV60A is built on OmniVision’s PureCel Plus-S stacked die technology. The new 0.61µm pixel is 24% smaller in area than the previous generation 0.7µm pixel solution, yet it can achieve higher Quantum Efficiency (QE) with better crosstalk and angular response than the 0.7µm generation.

The OV60A can output 15MP or 4K2K with EIS resolutions at 60 frames per second and supports staggered HDR timing for high dynamic range video enablement. The ‘always on’ low power modes include an ambient light sensing mode for wake up as well as a low power streaming mode. This sensor also can support dual I/O voltage rails (1.8 and 1.2V) as well as CPHY interface.

Samples of the OV60A are now available.

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