REG Power Management lift construction safety standards

20th June 2017
Lanna Cooper


REG Power Management (RPM) is deploying ZephIR Lidar systems to achieve the highest levels of safety within their wind farm constructions projects. The device measures wind speed and direction from 10-200m to advise and assist with the planned and ongoing construction activities at a site.

“With ZephIR Lidars our crane lifting of wind turbine towers and rotors can now be planned and performed in the safest most efficient method possible,” commented David Nixon, Head of Construction at RPM. “The ZephIR Lidars are easily mobilised from site to site in trailers and provide an instant view of the wind across and above the ranges we lift components at. RPM see Lidars as a key way of promoting Safety First within wind farm construction.”

Live data can be streamed from ZephIR Lidars to a PC or a large screen to make all contractors on site aware of the conditions so that all works can be both prepared for efficiently and then actioned safely. A wind shear profile is displayed graphically as well as instant wind speeds and directions being refreshed every second to inform decision making on whether to mobilise cranes and crew.

The use of ZephIR Lidar systems for Construction Monitoring has been pioneered by REG Power Management as part of the company’s drive towards achieving BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety, expected in July 2017.

The technique is being used here onshore, but also offshore where vessel providers are often required to deploy ZephIR Lidars as part of the lifting protocol during the construction and maintenance of large offshore wind farms.

“ZephIR Lidars are the only system to provide wind measurements right down to just ten metres,” explained David “meaning that we get a full picture of the wind on site across all lifting heights before commencing any crane operations. RPM are using the best-in-class technology available to deliver the safest, most efficient wind farm construction projects as possible.”

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