Advanced Energy Launches Next Generation String Inverters with New PV Powered HE String Inverter Line

3rd February 2012
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Advanced Energy Industries, Inc today announced the launch of its next generation string inverters with the PV Powered (PVP) HE String inverter line, an all-new line of high-performance string inverters ideally suited for North American residential and small-commercial rooftop installations. The new PVP HE String line is the industry’s first inverter to offer standard ZigBee wireless monitoring.
The innovative inverter also offers high-efficiency and multiple ease-of-installation features in a high reliability design from Advanced Energy (AE), a company that has set the standard in inverter reliability.

ZigBee based wireless monitoring allows the new PVP HE String inverters to communicate with an optional AE wireless gateway enabling easy access to vital inverter performance information at no cost, using The integrated design and wireless features eliminate the need for inverter modifications in the field as well as complex cable configuration from the inverter. Integrating ZigBee monitoring also allows compatibility with other ZigBee enabled Smart Grid communication devices such as smart appliances, utility Smart Meters or home area network (HAN) controllers. Overall, AE’s innovative approach to integrated wireless monitoring provides customers with key capabilities not offered by other competitive solutions and sets the industry benchmark for Smart Grid interoperability.

“With this new line of string inverters, Advanced Energy continues to offer high performance products with innovative features, specifically tailored to our customers’ current and future needs,” said Steve Levy, vice president of sales and marketing for AE Solar Energy. “The new PVP HE String inverter architecture, including wireless monitoring, is yet another testament to our commitment to provide complete solutions to all segments of the market.”

With a 97 percent California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency, the PVP HE String inverters produce more power throughout the day, and have features that lower total installation costs. The new inverter line’s wide maximum power point tracking (MPPT) window provides designers with a variety of stringing options for a multitude of roof types. Selectable AC voltage also offers flexibility by enabling the same inverter model to be used for multiple installation applications. Installation is made safer and easier with the inverters’ integrated front and side lifting handles, strategically located knockout sizes and integrated AC/DC fusing, making external combiner boxes or fuse boxes unnecessary.

The PVP HE String line offers power ranges from 3.8 to 7 kW and will be available in Q2 2012. AE’s new line of string inverters are covered by a standard 10-year warranty with optional 15- and 20-year warranties.

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