Manufacturing industrial-grade solar inverters

27th March 2019
Alex Lynn

Global provider of power supply systems and solutions for all types of critical and demanding applications, AEG Power Solutions, has announced that it has granted to the Ukrainian company SEMAG the exclusive right to manufacture solar inverters under AEG PS technology.

SEMAG is a joint venture created by SE Group International and Metropoliya.

SE Group International is a group of companies, led by S-Engineering which has been granted since 2017 the right to use the marking of European conformity CE to the equipment it manufactures thanks to its full compliance with European quality standards.

Metropoliya group of companies is a full circle engineering entity in the power sector – from idea to implementation and is a leader in its activity in Ukraine

Acquiring AEG Power Solutions premium technology for solar inverters gives SEMAG and its parent companies SE Group International and Metropliya the capacity to manufacture solar inverters conforming to the German quality standards on the territory of Ukraine and to develop alternative energy in Ukraine.

The inverter equipment with power up to 1000 KW intended for solar power stations will be manufactured at S-Engineering facility in Odessa.

Metropoliya and S-Engineering companies have already experienced joint cooperation in alternative energy in Ukraine. The creation of SEMAG and the possibility to manufacture one of the key components of photovoltaic plant under a world-leading German technology license is a further step in this partnership.

Aleksander Semenyug, Leader of SEMAG and Director of Solar Power Projects at S-Engineering explained: "The high-quality invertor equipment is a necessary component for all solar power stations under construction. The equipment manufactured in Ukraine under the technology of AEG PS means we will have a sufficient percentage of local production to obtain the U1 certificate that will become an additional motivation to implementation new solar power stations. Accelerating the process of transition to alternative energy sources will considerably improve energy and ecological situation of our region."

Jörg Liedloff, Vice President Business Development and new Markets of AEG Power Solutions, also commented: "We welcome the beginning of a partnership with Ukrainian companies. Thanks to the development of alternative energy in Ukraine there is a growing demand for inverters’ local production in Ukraine.

“Finding a company whom we could entrust our technology took us significant time. The only challenger conforming in Ukraine to the high German standards of today is S-Engineering. We are glad to start cooperation with both Metropoliya company, the leader of engineering activity in the sphere of power production, and S-Engineering company, the European-grade manufacturer level in Ukraine. We are confident in the success of this endeavour.

“It is crucial that our technology can contribute to the development of alternative energy in Ukraine thanks to equipment manufactured with our technology. This opens opportunities and we will continue to consider further plans.”

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